“Real links”

Real guest posts, resource page links, and link insertions (niche edits) done with real outreach, bespoke to your campaign.

We don’t maintain a list of placement sites, all links are from genuine outreach, done specifically for you! You can even watch us work live if you’d like.

Who I am

Yo I’m Dan Ray, I do some link building, and train others to do it too.

I’m not saying we’re the best in the world, but millions of others would!

I believe in full transparency, at any point, you can see exactly what we are doing, either before, during or after you have bought your links from me!

I have been trusted by thousands of people over the last 9 years to train outreach based link building, you can verify this in my facebook group where you will see people successfully following my methodologies to build their own link building businesses or build solid numbers of links to their own properties!

See exactly how we do our link building HERE!

This is me

Why buy it

These are the best type of links, real outreach, bespoke to your campaign, no PBNs, no pre-made lists of sites, we genuinely go out and do outreach for your specific campaign every time you buy a link from us.

We offer 3 types of links, if you want a specific type of link then note it on the order form once you have paid.

  • Guest posts – good quality article (500+ words), optimised for your keyword (POP), contextual link within the article (not in an author box)
  • Resource page links – perfectly relevant, 10 outbound links or less
  • Link insertions (niche edits) – super-duper relevant, your choice of anchor text

The offer

£150 per link

You will give your URL, link type preferences and anchor text requirements after purchase!

DR 30+
Ahrefs traffic 1000+
Super duper relevance
Site is indexed
No author box links
No penalties on site
All placements are permanent or link is replaced (up to 2 years)
All do-follow links
Maximum of 1 other outbound link on page (at time of insertion
Delivered within 3-4 weeks
You will choose the number of links at the next step

Disclaimer – gambling, porn, finance links, CBD, pharma aren’t included in this price, message me for custom pricing.


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