The Process

If you know anything about me then you know I like things to be systemised and simple.

That’s exactly what this service is, we will simply manage your HARO submissions.

0/ You pay us a £300 deposit

1/ We open and check all of the daily HARO emails

2/ We find which ones are relevant to you, even with a creative angle

3/ We ghostwrite as you to answer the query

4/ You pay us £300 for any links that go live that have a DR of 50+ (you can give us an upper limit if you want to)

*we will respond to every relevant query no matter the DR, but you don’t pay us for anything under 50*

Where can we get links?

In the very recent past we have got clients links on sites such as:


If you’re interested and ready to pay your deposit click the button below, once you have paid the deposit you will be taken to a form to fill in your details

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